Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dodgers Tie AL Champs

Somewhere, Bud Selig is shrugging his shoulders. It's another baseball tie!

Dodgers 3, Tigers 3.


--Derek Lowe pitched four innings and gave up seven hits and three runs, including a meatball that Gary Sheffield clobbered for a three-run homer in the third. Lowe did have four strikeouts. Four Dodger pitchers (Rudy Seanez, Matt White, Jonathan Meloan, and Travis Smith) combined for nine strikeouts over the final five innings of play.

--Offensively, the Dodgers got three runs (two of them earned) off of Nate Robertson, with RBI from Andre Ethier and Tony Abreu. Juan Pierre and Luis Gonzalez each went 1-for-2 and Olmedo Saenz, in the DH slot, went 1-for-3. Russell Martin grounded into a double play; so did Larry Bigbie, who is still batting .352.

--James Loney went 0-for-4 to lower his average to .419.

--Gonzalez and Ethier both had assists from the outfield, the former of which was at home plate. Nice.

And once again, all of this turns into a no home-run, three-run game for the Dodgers. Get used to it.