Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sports Illustrated Predicts Dodgers #1 in NL West, #4 Overall

Sports Illustrated's MLB Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers


cigarcow said...

Good lord, Verducci is on a roll. The Dodgers are the 4th best team in baseball???? I don't think the Dodgers are PECOTA-bad, but I'm still realistic about it. How is he employed? He must have nudie pics of the editor's daughter. I also like how he decided who the Dodgers' fifth starter will be. Thanks, Tom!

ps, sorry for using your site as my own personal

Orel said...

Nothing brings cigarcow out of the woodwork like a Verducci mention. Did he kill your brother or something?

Steve Sax said...

I think Verducci is cigarcow's brother.