Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mets Beat Dodger Wannabes, 13-2

To be fair, most of the Dodgers are back in Los Angeles, ready to play the Angels in tonight's Freeway Series opener. But the next-level Dodgers didn't fare too well in today's split-squad game.

James Loney and Matt Kemp (surprise surprise) had the lone Dodger RBIs, with Kemp's coming off a second-inning home run off of John Maine. Loney went 0-for-2 and now sports a .406 BA.

I'd criticize the four runs that Wright gave up in 2/3 an inning, or the six runs that Hoorelbeke gave up in 1 1/3 innings--but I can't find their first names at I guess you need a spring ERA south of 40.00 to be eligible for first-name status.

And when the next guy on the mound is Luis Gonzalez, who gave up only one run in one inning (facing six batters), you know this game was not taken seriously by the Dodgers. I am dying to know who Gonzalez's K was...please chime in if you know.


Unknown said...

When I saw that the box score linked to the major league outfielder, I was worried. Why would Dave Jauss use Luis Gonzalez to pitch in a spring game? I did a little research and hope that they were using this Luis Gonzalez, a pitcher at AAA Las Vegas.

Steve Sax said...

Nice sleuthing. I hope you're right... I suppose we'll get confirmation if the real Luis G shows up in the Dodgers' lineup (vs Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles) tonight.

Rob said...

Didn't (the real) Luis Gonzalez have Tommy John surgery?
I can't see him pitching 4 days before the season opener no matter what the score was.