Monday, March 26, 2007

Dodgers Lose to Split Squad (aka The Mets)

A performance both gutsy and grating resulted in a Dodgers loss to the Dodgers, 6-5. summed up Brad Penny's four innings perfectly. (That's why those writers make millions, and I'm buying 99Cent store prime rib with our Google ad revenue)

Brad Penny, often ineffective against the Mets, was that again, allowing five walks -- one a 10-pitch walk to Tom Glavine -- four hits and three runs in four innings.

The game had its share of snarky ESPN highlights. Olmedo Saenz showed off the blazing base-running that has netted him THREE career stolen bases. Moises Alou, looking every one of his 55 years, misplayed a fly ball that kept the Dodgers fifth inning rally alive. Chan Ho Park celebrated his demotion to the bullpen by giving up a two run meatball in the eighth. And Hendrickson walked enough batters so his plunking of Methuselah Franco netted the Mets a run.

Sidenote - As I'm writing this, 24's Jack Bauer is interrogating a mentally disabled guy. Now he's using this same mentally disabled guy as plant to get a microchip. Going... going... yes, he has cleared the shark!


Orel said...

The two-run homer off Park? By Matt Kemp. Might want to mention that.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

The two run homer was by Matt Kemp.
Sorry... Jack Bauer's dealings with Corky on 24 got me distracted

Steve Sax said...

After all it's not looking like Matt Kemp is going to get many other mentions this year....