Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Russell Martin Is Still Hungry...

...but not in the way that Olmedo Saenz is.

Reading my South Florida Sun-Sentinel today, I found a nice piece on Russell Martin and his rapid development last season.

As he approaches his second season, Martin, 24, only knows two things. One, he isn't a rookie anymore, and he doesn't feel as much pressure to produce as he did a year ago.

"I don't like the word established," Martin said. "It is dangerous. Perhaps, the fans recognize me for my ability and effort, but I have a lot to learn and room to improve before I'll be established. Last spring, I lost the job. This year, the job is mine to lose. That's enough progress in one year."

Glad to see that Russ hasn't gotten a big head behind that catcher's mask. Keep up the good work!