Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rick Monday in Midseason Form

Via Dodger Thoughts come these posts about everybody's favorite broadcaster:

Eric Enders
Classic Monday right there: "Scoring is Loney, and cruising into second with a standup double is James Loney!"

Hah, I chuckled at that too. To Monday, "Double" has a triple meaning: a two-base hit; a person's doppelganger is on the basepaths; and two shots of alcohol, as in what Monday had before the inning started.

Eric Enders
Monday: "So Hamulack gets into strikeout mold."
Sounds like something you'd find in Adam Dunn's sweatsocks.

Eric Enders
Monday: "The gooze was nood for the Dodgers this afternoon..."
This is really fish in a barrel. I'd better stop now.

Greg Brock
Rick Monday is so awesome. The guy just lives to mess up.


Anonymous said...

Sure, Rick may occasionally make a verbal misstep, but would Vin Scully have so carefully developed what A. Martinez had for breakfast? Come on guys, cut Rick a break. Imagine how well you'd do your job if you had to work with Charlie Steiner.

Orel said...

I'll take Steiner over Monday any day of the week. Steiner is a better broadcaster, has a sense of humor and, most importantly, tells us the score more than once in a blue moon.