Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cardinals crap on Dodgers

Ahh, the official first day of spring and today that meant Its Time for Dodger Baseball! KCAL showed the Dodgers vs. Cardinals game with Vin Scully doing the calls. Plus I got to see our "A" team and with only 11 days left till the opener in Milwaukee, this should be a pretty good game. Couldn't have been better, right? Well, I had to sit through 9 innings of Cardinal domination. This was a painful game to watch, why?

I had to watch Hendrickson pitch underhand again. You are no Randy Johnson. I think the Lakers are looking for a big man.

I had to watch Scott Spiezio with his red goatee. Goatees in general are wrong, but RED? Come on.

I had to watch Saito give up a dinger to Chris Duncan that I think landed at the new Dodger spring training facility in Arizona.

I had to watch the Dodgers hit into five double plays - I thought Eric Karros was retired?

I had to watch Marlon Anderson play second base like Loney plays the outfield - two errors on two consecutive plays. The second play he threw it to a phantom second baseman and into leftfield. Nice fundamental baseball.

Plus there was a call-in poll to see how many games people thought the Dodgers were going to win this year. 55% of fans think they are going to win more than 93 games this season. I guess those people weren't watching this game.