Thursday, March 01, 2007

One Statue That Won't Be Moving From Its Spot

Back when we were in high school, the common prank was to "liberate" the Big Boy statue from the neighborhood Bob's Big Boy restaurant. And so, the eight-foot mascot statue would find itself on top of a pyramid of lunch tables, or swimming the high school pool, or sitting atop a building. Though the statue itself modeled a fairly robust figure, the key was that it was constructed using a light, plastic-like material that made it easy to move around. And, since Big Boy was always smiling and waving (and eventually returned to its original spot outside the restaurant), it was always assumed that the prank was funny and victimless--and it was inevitable that another liberation would happen again soon.

The Padres announced plans to unveil a new Tony Gwynn statue outside of Petco Park in July.

I don't think the Gwynn statue will be "liberated" anytime soon. If you catch my drift.