Thursday, February 15, 2007

Two More Days...

A note from afar from our very own Steve Sax:

How boring is the pre-spring training period? ESPNews this morning spent five of its 30 minutes discussing Michael Waltrip and how he was docked 100 owner points. 100 owner points! Certainly sounds like "historic Nascar penalties" to me, indeed! 100 owner points have gotta be the equivalent of a three-piece barbecue tool set from American Express, or one of those outdoor faux-garden rock speakers from SkyMall.

Poor Waltrip. How will he survive losing all those points? Will he have to eat beans from a can? Drive his next race on his rims? Suffer the indignity of mockery from his fellow jumpsuit-wearing drivers? Glad we have three ESPN talking heads to analyze this issue from every angle.

I may not make it the two more days until the Dodgers' pitchers and catchers report, with drivel like this taking 17% of the highlights. Kill me now.


Steve Sax said...

Thanks for the post-in-absentia, Orel!