Monday, February 12, 2007

Give = Pay, Respect = Money

Some tidbits on the only two teams in the baseball universe....

From "Rivera's future is uncertain: Legendary closer's contract to expire after 2007 season" at

TAMPA -- Mariano Rivera acknowledged the absence of longtime teammate Bernie Williams on Monday, calling it "strange."

Could players be saying the same thing about the Yankees closer one year from now? Rivera's commitment to the team expires after 2007, and while he said he would love to retire in New York, he realizes that scenario is not yet certain.

"Definitely, I want to finish my career here," Rivera said. "But if they don't give me the respect that I deserve, [if] I have to move on, I have to move on. The Yankees always give me respect. When it comes to these times, I don't like to talk about it."

Also, "several dozen" Red Sox fans gather to watch the team's equipment truck drive away from Fenway (this rates an article?). Merely pathetic, or totally pathetic?

UPDATE: Uh-oh, now he's mad. " 'Bernie should be here': Rivera blasts Yankees for treatment of Williams" (

UPDATE: Brian Cashman goes into damage-control mode!

UPDATE: Don't make me do it, says Rivera.