Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2007 Dodgers Promotions: Where's The Lip Gloss Giveaway?

After a year that included the resounding success of the 2006 Smashbox Cosmetics Lip Gloss Giveaway Promotion, I looked forward to the 2007 Dodger Special Events and Promotions Calendar, which was just released. Here are some of the 2007 promotional giveaway highlights:

  • Nomar Garciaparra gets his own Dodger Bobblehead giveaway (April 26), one of three 2007 bobblehead giveaways, including a Fans' Choice Bobblehead on August 2. (Steve Garvey was one of the three bobbleheads offered last year, and it doesn't get any better than that from the SoSG perspective.)
  • Nomar also gets a Batting Practice Jersey on April 14. Want to bet he's one of the two poster boys adorning the ends of the main concourse?
  • Yay, there's a Rally Towel on April 10 (the day after opening day). Boo, they are only making 20K of them. Thanks a lot to AAA, the cheapskate event sponsor.
  • Universal Studios must have some attendance issues, as they have anniversaried their omnipresent Free Kids Ticket Giveaway events (all season long).
  • The Sleepover is back (July 27, while the team is on the road).
  • The Lip Gloss Giveaway, and for that matter any female fan-targeted promotion, is gone. Shoot, I was hoping for some Dodgers Eye Liner.
  • All in all, it looks like a pretty weak promotional schedule for the Dodgers in 2007 (unless you're Nomar and you get royalties). Perhaps this reflects the lack of fans actually attending the game (since attendance counts tickets sold, not turnstile attendance--and last year there were plenty of "full" games that were actually pretty empty). Promotional schedules for most of the other teams haven't been posted yet, but it's clear the Dodgers can't find any sponsors for creative giveaways like a Padres Yo-Yo (June 10), a Phillies Shane Victorino Hula Figurine (June 3), or even a Rangers Dreyer's Ice Cream Chatter Bats (May 24).

    Did I mention the $8 beer?


    Alex Cora said...

    How about the "Old Dodger Jersey" giveaway featuring Izturis, Gagne, Maddox...oh wait, they are already doing that at the Top of the Park store.

    Orel said...

    And what am I going to do with this case of J.D. Drew bobblehead dolls?