Monday, February 12, 2007


MLB Trade Rumors says Miguel Cabrera is acting somewhat naughtily in Florida:

Marlins Not Amused With Cabrera

Marlins President David Samson went out of his way last weekend to express the team's displeasure with Miguel Cabrera. He said the team is "extremely disappointed" that Cabrera missed the team's FanFest. In several of Samson's quotes he stresses how Cabrera was not there with his teammates.

The Palm Beach Post's Joe Capozzi has a source indicating that Cabrera skipped the event because he isn't happy being taken to arbitration over $700,000. He'll already be accounting for a third of the payroll; you have to wonder if the Marlins are already priming fans for Cabrera's exit. There seemed to be the same lack of professionalism prior to Joe Girardi's departure.

Cabrera is the rare young star player who may reach free agency after his first six seasons. The Marlins have several years to sit back and wait for the offer they can't refuse.

First Dontrelle Willis, now Cabrera (although the Marlins avoided arbitration with Willis). Other teams must be salivating at the prospect of Florida's next fire sale.

UPDATE: Cabrera wins!