Monday, February 05, 2007

Better Watch Your Wallet, Charley Steiner

The Dodgers recently announced Steve Lyons would be returning the Dodgers' announcing booth for a third season, who will be helping Charley Steiner announce all Dodgers road games against non-NL West opponents. Vin Scully, by the way, is back for a 58th season as the "Voice of the Dodgers."

Lyons was fired by Fox during the ALCS last season after making strange (even if not outright racially insensitive) comments from the booth. Paired with a separate instance mocking a nearly blind man in the crowd, Lyons' remarks became grounds for firing from Fox. However, his dismissal apparently does not extend to Fox Prime Sports Net Ticket West or whatever the heck they call this channel now.

But I really don't care, as the main news from the same Dodgers press release was that the Dodgers are going HD, at least for all 50 of the games that KCAL 9 plans to televise in 2007. FSN Prime Ticket has not yet announced its HD schedule for the 100 games it plans to televise, but let's hope that they get as close to 100 HD games as humanly possible. My Time Warner DVR needs a workout this summer!


Damon said...

I'm hoping that Directv doesn't get the mlb deal so I can keep comcast and get extra innings

Steve Sax said...

Well, I have to admit that being a Dodger fan in LA, it's relatively easy to get the games, so I'm just looking for HD. But I can speak for some of the SoSG staff that the DirectTV deal will definitely put a crimp in their abilities to pick up Dodger games from other cities (short of, of course).

Looks like John Kerry is getting into the mix towards blocking this deal. That gets my vote.