Saturday, February 10, 2007

Beimel Suffers Crushing Arbitration Defeat, Receives 215% Raise

From "Beimel arbitration panel sides with LA: Left-handed reliever posted a 2.96 ERA in 62 games during '06" at

LOS ANGELES -- Left-handed reliever Joe Beimel, whose breakthrough 2006 season ended in pain and embarrassment, lost his salary arbitration case when a panel on Saturday chose the Dodgers' figure of $912,500 instead of the $1.25 million he sought.

After listening to presentations from the player and club on Friday, the arbitration panel could only pick one number or the other, nothing in between, and does not issue any explanation about its decision. Beimel earned $425,000 last year.

Hold on, Joe, and try to grasp the shards of your broken spirit. A cut in pay may lower the bar on your value, but to us you're a slice above, a real smash. Don't bottle up your feelings, but stay sharp and don't let this opportunity slip from your hands.


Steve Sax said...

Yeah, we showed Beimel! Take all $925,000 and stick it! Whoo hoo! That'll teach ya'.