Friday, February 02, 2007

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Welcomes JD Drew to Boston

Wire reports indicate that the recent scare which shut down the city of Boston was not an terrorist threat, but rather just a guerrilla-marketing publicity campaign gone awry. Turner Broadcasting has already apologized for paralyzing the city on Wednesday of this week, as they had contracted a marketing firm to promote the new season of their cartoon show, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."

After looking at the electronic light design in the ill-fated signs, however, I couldn't help but think the promotion was also the city's way of welcoming a former Dodger to town. Whoops!

As an aside, this is also the first time I realized that the ATHF character Err looks like the state of Utah with a faux-hawk.

UPDATE: Drew apparently isn't on the Red Sox roster yet, as they have to remove one of the 40 other guys to make room for him. And, get one of those nifty ATHF signs for Drew's new locker.