Sunday, June 19, 2011

At-Game Recap: Dodgers nil, Astros 7 (June 18)

I was fortunate enough to get to go to another Dodger game. Mrs. Cora and I decided to get some grub before the game and where else do you go - Philippe! Got us some French dipped roast beef sandwiches, lemonade (75 cents), cole slaw, potato salad, and cherry pie. There were a whole bunch of Dodger fans stuffing their face (like us) before the game. After filling up with great food, we headed out to the game.

Creator of the French dipped sandwich.

We weren't the only ones with this idea. A WHOLE ROW of Dodger fans.


Made it to our seats and watched the guys warm up. Dee Gordon was stretching and running in the outfield, then decided to sign some autographs. I just love the Kid n' Play flattop fade he is sporting.

One of the pre-game salutes the Dodgers do is honor a person in the military. This one was especially touching as her husband, who was also in the military, was killed and she is raising their child. Very nice ovation from the crowd and we could see that she was tearing up (as was I). As she walked past the Dodger dugout, the players were giving her high fives and she had her picture taking with someone. Then when she was walking up the stands, people were stopping her and shaking her hand - one even stopped her and asked for what looked like her autograph.

The lady who sang the national anthem (and God Bless America) was really S-L-O-W. It was funny how long Nancy Bea had to hold those notes on the organ.

Dee warming up.

Is that Kid or Play?

Honoring our military and stopping her for her autograph. Nice!

The game itself was pretty dismal. It was nice to see Rubby pitch, he hit 99 miles per hour a couple of times, but that fifth inning was the death of him. I did notice that when the bases were loaded and Rubby was pitching on what I think was a 3-2 count, the entire stadium was cheering and STANDING UP. Haven't seen that kind of energy since the Manny days. Too bad he lost that batter - and the game.

Also, Tim Wallach had some pretty questionable third base coaching calls, one of them sending Rod Barajas home. I don't know what happened later in the game, but Wallach wasn't in the third base coaching box in the later innings, being replaced by Trey Hillman.

The game was kinda painful to watch, but the sourness of the game was counteracted by the smoothy goodness of a Chocolate Malt - compete with the Dodger logo. We had to bug out a little early and listened to the game on the ride home. Ugh, the Dodgers were pretty bad and we are sinking fast this season. Our offense consists of Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp and that's it. The only neat thing is seeing the kids playing now. Come on guys, lets get some wins. GO BLUE!

Kemp before the game.

Rubby before the first pitch.

Gordon's first at bat. Should he also be called Flash like his dad since he runs so fast?

The boys on the railing.

Poor Marcus - all alone.

Yeah Davey, the way we are playing, I'd pull it out too.

Thought the sky looked neat on this one.

Rubby with one of his fastballs.

The proof!

Another interesting shot.

Yeah - Dodger Chocolate Malts!

Where's Wallach? Sent to the minors already?


Alex Cora said...

Thanks funyhony. Sounds like you are a BIG dodger fan. You have many ads on your comment as the dodgers do on the outfield wall.

knit said...

Wallach's father died. That is why he left the game.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

If it were magic scotch, it would be in my hands already.

Kyle Baker said...

Yeah, Wallach got word during the game that his old man had died.

Shitty way to celebrate Father's Day weekend....[pause]...not the dad dying bit, but the sending Barajas bit.

Falling LEAVes said...

Wallach's son was at the game too. I didn't even notice he was switched out with Hillman. It was a pretty dismal game. I had to do a double take when I scrolled past the photo of the fans getting autographs. I saw one of my friends and then had to look closer ... phew! You got my other friend in the photo and not me.