Monday, May 05, 2014

Pictures To Hang In One's Elbow Room

Look, it is an actual place!

Darren Rovell brings word of one of the strangest baseball memorabilia auctions of which I've heard: signed pictures of Tommy John's elbow, inscribed by both John and the late Dr. Frank Jobe:

In the world of oddball memorabilia, this ranks right up there.

Tommy John is selling a collage of four MRI's of his elbow signed by himself and the late Dr. Frank Jobe, who performed the famous surgery in 1974.

The print, of which there will only be 99, costs $1,295, with proceeds going to John's "Let's Do It" Foundation.

The images were taken two years ago, when John went to an Indianapolis facility to check on a problem with his shoulder. At that time, the doctor -- out of curiosity -- took pictures of the famous elbow reconstruction.

"Nobody had ever thought of taking pictures of what the nerve looked like on 'Patient Zero,'" said his agent, Kim Berger. "When the images came up, it was like looking at the Titanic. It happened so long ago and it was so beautiful."

Last year, Berger brought 100 prints of the collage to Jobe, who signed them. John gave one of them to the Los Angeles Dodgers last month as the team dedicated its training center to Jobe, who passed away in March.

SoSG World Headquarters isn't picking up one of these prints, so bid away.