Saturday, May 10, 2014

Post-Game 37 Thread: Pathetic Shittiness Continues, Pointless Posturing Ensues


The Dodgers' pitching was serviceable and as usual they could barely score, but all everyone wants to talk about is this:

Puig homered and put some spicy mustard on his Dodger Dog — bat flip! Admiring it! — and Madison Bumgarner took exception.

As Mattingly said, "It always surprises me when guys react to things when their team does the same type stuff. It’s always the double standard." Donnie himself got run by the umps for arguing balls and strikes, and, oh yeah, Maholm broke Brandon Belt's thumb.

Tomorrow's going to be a rocky one, folks!


Fred's Brim said...

@Paul - what are you doing later? do we need to hit the bar and turn this mess around?