Thursday, May 15, 2014

Droopy Terra, Ace Reliever

Awesome Droopy Terra art by awesome EephusBlue.

Last night SUCKED. There's no getting around it. Thankfully, buried deep in the pile of shit was a gem of a relief pitching appearance from backup catcher Drew "Droopy Terra" Butera. 10+ run blowouts almost always lead to a position player pitching. While most on Twitter were calling for Puig to take the mound, Droopy ended up being a really pleasant surprise.

Relive the moment here (or see it for the first time if you're still shut out of SportsNet LA). Even Vin was blown away!

Good times! But please people, don't ruin this moment with hundreds of "Bring in Butera!" tweets every time a pitcher struggles. Talent this rare needs to be protected.


Steve Sax said...

"Well, that's the brightest moment since the game started!" --Vin