Saturday, May 17, 2014

Post-Game 44 Thread: Chased


Well, I guess I got run over with the karma bus tonight. I made some overconfident remark in the Game Thread post about how we always beat the Snakes, how we look to do so again with Kershaw on the mound, and that we should chase their starting pitcher early.


Kershaw ended up not getting out of the second. I won't torture us further with the details, other than to note that Clay gave up THREE STINKING TRIPLES IN ONE FRIGGIN' INNING. Enough said.

Positive note: Puig continued his hitting streak with a home run.

Now back to the suckage. Dodgers threatened to mount a comeback with a three-run Crawdaddy HR, narrowing it to 9-5, but then our bullpen took over shit sandwich sales and the rout was on. Let's just smoke some ketamine and pretend this never happened. In fact, the Assassins' Bar is buying a round for everyone so get yer drink orders in.


spank said...

let me have a bottle of anything.

Paul said...

Not sure how we get out of this one. Did the whole bullpen switch bodies with Brandon league?

Dusty Baker said...

I'll have a double shot of carb cleaner, straight. Mercury back.

Steve Sax said...

@dusty: edited post to reflect score of game when Crawford went yard

Dusty Baker said...

Yeah the way I wrote it wasn't what I was meaning to get at. I combined two unrelated items - Crawford going yard and us at some point (when it was 7-2) narrowing the deficit. Thanks for correcting.

Because we'll all be looking back to this game with find memories over the years.

Dusty Baker said...

Bar is still open, by the way.