Monday, May 19, 2014

Same Quotes, Different Impact

Is this the face of a content Matt Kemp? Really?

Dylan Hernandez had a nice article in today's LAT that seemed to indicate that, despite dropping six of their last eight games, and gifting the Diamondbacks their first home series win all year, the Dodgers are pretty calm, expecting things to turn positively soon. Overall, Hernandez' piece was pretty hopeful.

But what if we viewed those same quotes with more of a sarcastic perspective?

With another series completed and lost Sunday, Hanley Ramirez continued to wait for the season to change course.

"I'm just waiting for my month," Ramirez said. "First for my week, then for my month. Our month."

Let's just hope that month isn't December. And why exactly are we waiting, again?

"We're so talented and I think sometimes we expect the talent to just take over sometimes," starting pitcher Dan Haren said.

Yes, great things are supposed to happen to those who sit back and depend on innate attributes rather than effort.

"I'm not worried, man," Kemp said. "Nobody's worried, man. We had a bad series. Turn the page, have a good off-day tomorrow and get ready for New York."

Yep, that Arizona series was just a bad series. As was losing three of four to the Giants at home, two before that. Or losing two of three in Washington, before that. Or two of three in Miami, before that. Yeah, nothing to worry about.

Look, Hernandez was there, so I trust him on the tone of the Dodgers. I'm just starting to get a little concerned that we're 45 games into the season and we haven't figured out what's wrong yet (and, we're continuing to make foolish errors, and our bullpen is more porous than a sieve). Let's get some FIRE, Dodgers! He who hesitates is lost!

photo: Ralph Freso, Getty Images