Saturday, May 10, 2014

Old-Timers Game Lineups

After today's game the Dodgers are holding their newly revived Old-Timers Game. From a Dodgers press release:

Team 1 (will wear Dodger home jerseys)
Dusty Baker OF
Tim Wallach 3B
Mickey Hatcher SS/OF
Steve Sax 2B
Mike Marshall 1B
Reggie Smith OF/1B
Steve Yeager C
Raul Mondesi OF
Davey Lopes 2B
Darryl Strawberry 1B/OF
Ron Cey 3B
Eric Gagné P
Fernando Valenzuela P

Team 2 (will wear Dodger alternate road jerseys)
Shawn Green OF
Derrel Thomas 2B/C
Bill Russell SS
Ken Landreaux OF
Eric Karros 1B
Rick Monday OF
Nomar Garciaparra 3B
Maury Wills SS
Steve Finley OF
Orel Hershiser P
Rick Honeycutt P

Additionally, Tommy Davis, Charlie Hough, “Sweet” Lou Johnson, Manny Mota, Don Newcombe and Jerry Reuss will be on hand and a part of Old-Timers pre-game introductions.

So Darryl "Let it burn" Strawberry makes the cut but Paul "Fuck the Dodgers" Lo Doca doesn't?


Fred's Brim said...

I am glad that Dusty is back in the Dodger mix. With all of the asshole teams he had managed over the years, he was becoming more the opposing-manager-who-ruins-pitchers than a Dodger

Fred's Brim said...

And I am cool with that whole list except Straw and Finley. I guess Luis Gonzales and Kal Daniels weren't available

Fred's Brim said...

and I just learned that Kal Daniels' full first name is Kalvoski

Paul said...

Russian? I remember when Kal had like 12rbi in a weekend. Then had 12 for the next two months.

karen said...

FB...Why Finley? What don't I know here?

Fred's Brim said...

@karen no, nothing against the guy, it just felt like he was only with us for like a week or two

Wicks said...

I'm SHOCKED no one has cracked the joke that the legends lineup's could provide more runs than our current one. Oh...I guess I just did.

spank said...

Mike Marshall pulled out of the old timers game due to menstrual cramps.

Orel said...

General cramps?