Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life Is Not So Good: Crawford To DL

It was clear from the video that Carl Crawford's ankle sprain in last night's game was not of the mild type. And Crawford is not only headed to the 15-day DL, he was also on a wheelchair post-game:

LOS ANGELES -- Carl Crawford is headed to the 15-day disabled list with a sprained left ankle.

The Dodgers left fielder was injured in the eighth inning of Tuesday night's 6-3 win over the Reds at Dodger Stadium, rolling the ankle as he chased down a leadoff double in the corner by Chris Heisey.

"It doesn't look good," manager Don Mattingly said after the game. "The video didn't look good."

Crawford, limping badly, was replaced in left field by Scott Van Slyke and had to be helped from the field. He was taken into the clubhouse for X-rays, which were negative.

Crawford went from the trainer's room to his locker in a wheelchair after the game, but then opted to hop into the shower room.

Brutal, but this is why you carry twenty-three outfielders on the roster, right Ned? Get well soon, Crawdaddy!


Fred's Brim said...

We'll know how deep the doghouse is if Matty can't get on the field now

Fred's Brim said...

mmm sausage chickens

QuadSevens said...

Kemp better be shagging fly balls and grounders in left field at this very moment.

Dusty Baker said...

He's shagging Neeebs' mom at this very moment.