Tuesday, May 27, 2014

SoSG Mailbag: Bay Area Dodger Hijinks

Got an email from our regular reader Ron Johnstone, whose son had a great viral video of his graduation speech, and then raised money that was contributed toward the Bryan Stow support fund. Well, Ron is up to his old Dodger-loving tricks in enemy territory:

Hi SOSG, I have a quick story that your readers might get a kick out of.

This year, I was in charge of ordering uniforms for my son's youth baseball league in Burlingame, CA (10 miles south of SF). Choosing design, colors, etc. for 54 teams, 600 kids. No major complaints from anyone, but as we approach the end of the season, conspiracy theorists have begun to fixate on the uniform numbering system -- more specifically, why each of the league's 54 teams has a #13, #22, #23, #27, #42, #66, etc.

No idea how that happened.

This morning I awoke to this article on the league's website.

Nicely played.

We'll let you link through to see how the Burlingame Youth Baseball Association addressed Ron's treachery.

Nice work, Ron!