Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SoSG Garners CNBC Coverage...For In-Depth Analysis Of Happy Meal Mascot

Sons of Steve Garvey has already established itself as the authoritative source for in-depth, current, sarcastic Dodgers analysis. And now, thanks to Son Hideo Nomo and the SoSG twitter account, we've spread that sarcasm to other key current event the newly-unveiled McDonald's Happy Meal Mascot from Hell:

And here's what CNBC had to say about it:

Nice pickup, especially to have our website be mentioned on CNBC's broadcast! But I don't know what's scarier, that Happy Meal mascot, or the Dodgers' start to the 2014 season.


Dusty Baker said...

Another epic media day for the Sons. We've reached the pinnacle now, having been mentioned on a show that features white people talking about money!

Steve Sax said...

We were on Arrested Development?