Sunday, June 02, 2013

Giants' Triple-A Team to Wear Stormtrooper Unis

Nice get by the Giants organization, given their proximity to Lucasfilm and Disney pimping out Star Wars left and right. Too bad the opposing team can't wear these:

1&2: Fresno Grizzlies; 3: Yes, there's a site called


Dusty Baker said...

Ryu's pitching for us today?

Pride of Dong said...

I was there, it was ok, this is the same team that wears harry potter, batman, and big lebowski jerseys. They whore anything out to get seats. However, they can't make rent. On the positive, I'll be there for the 1 isotopes series coming up in August. (Side note, they could make rent if they had more rivalry games)

But, I'm trying to figure the starting line up for the isotopes in August. Any help?

Diamond said...

Why do a Star Wars jersey when Star Trek so fully embraced baseball?

Orel said...

PoD: All I know is it won't have Puig in it.

Diamond: A fine question for the folks at Paramount. Would have made a nice tie-in with the new movie.