Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Way I Saw It: SoSG Invades the Loge Boxes

My photos won't match the wonderful Killeen's.

My breakdown of the Loge box cost index will pale next to Orel's.

Orel ready for his American Eagle modeling gig.

But I was there, man, at a one-of-a-kind SoSGy spectacular, courtesy of our friends THE DODGERS. And it was a joyous night filled with mediocre baseball and the only standing ovation Brandon League will ever see in LA. Besides putting the SoSG succession line at risk, the Sons and Award-winning Team Killeens lived like kings last Wednesday.

We wielded our UNLIMITED POWER.

Though as the sole Android user in the bunch, D.E.L.I.N.O was the only one who actually needed it as my phone died about two innings into the epic battle.

We ordered from the heavily redacted menu.

(Actually, even the laziest of Sons walked the twenty-five feet to the concession stand.)
One of us decided that their smuggled pistachios belonged on an otherwise spotless floor.

There were heartbroken Ryu fans.

And heart-breaking loaded hot dogs.

Most of all, it was a chance for the disparate hooligans and degenerates of the SoSG staff (and poster artistes) to come together as one.

Thank you to the Dodgers for giving us a glimpse of the Loge Box life, and F Brandon League.


Dusty Baker said...

For the record, I am the laziest of the Sons.

BJ Killeen said...

Damn, I need a new face.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

We kept getting confused for each other.

Scott said...

That Fritos® Pie hot dog photo is awesome Dusty! We both have an eye for photos, it's just that I have the equipment...

The last photo is priceless...

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Re: Scott's AMAZING pics
"I got the tools, and I got the talent"