Saturday, June 15, 2013

Old-Timers' Game Recap


Last Saturday, as you recall, the Dodgers hosted an Old-Timers' Game featuring former Dodgers and Yankees in a two-inning exhibition. These had been held in the past but recently discontinued. Now, it's back - at least for this year. hats off to the Dodgers for bringing the event back, as it is a great opportunity to catch some old friends in uniform and re-live some baseball moments with favorite players from years past. Yeah, perhaps a little over-nostalgic, but baseball brings that out in us. And yes, the competition is terrible and it's sometimes sad to see some of the greats who now can't even leg it out to first base. But nonetheless, it worked.

I'm no Scott Killeen, but I thought readers would enjoy a few pictures I took during the game.

Steve Lyons Screwed Up This Shot

All photos: SoSG Dusty Baker


Scott said...

We should have been there, thanks for posting the posts.