Monday, June 17, 2013

And You Think The Dodgers Have It Bad

At least their clubhouse isn't full of shit.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- A sewage problem at the Coliseum forced the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners to use the same locker room after Sunday's game.

The pipes backed up on the lower levels of the stadium during Oakland's 10-2 victory, creating a stink and pools of water in the clubhouses used by both teams and the umpires.

The A's and Mariners moved to a higher floor and cleaned up postgame in the locker room occupied by the Oakland Raiders during NFL games.

Coliseum officials said the six-day homestand, which drew 171,756 fans, overtaxed the plumbing system at the 47-year-old stadium.

"Make sure everybody finds out about this sewage thing," Oakland starter A.J. Griffin said. "We need to get a new stadium." [...]

Several Mariners left without showering. Towels were used to block sewage from running into the players' general dressing area.

What's especially hilarious about this is that Oakland-Alameda County Stadium is the second-smallest stadium in MLB (only to Tropicana Field). Imagine if all those tarped-off seats had actually attracted real fans! It would have been a feces flash flood.

In other news, Juan Uribe will not be traded to Oakland.