Friday, June 28, 2013

At-Game Recap: Pounded @ Petco (June 21, 2013)

June 21, SoSG Alex Cora and I went down to San Diego's Petco Park to witness the pre-winning-streak Dodgers roll over and play dead against the Padres. It was a horrible game to watch first-hand, what with Elian Herrera's misadventures in left field, complemented by the Dodgers getting the leadoff runner on almost every inning but only plating two runs, not to mention seeing Clayton Kershaw uncharacteristically struggle.

But the good part was that Petco Park is a pretty nice stadium, and there are always plenty of Dodger fans around with which to chat. I love the way the seats are gently angled towards home plate (we were up the third base line, sort of behind the visitors' dugout). I love the center field park and playground area. And I love that the Petco Park aisle attendants don't let people walk down the aisle during an at bat.

This wasn't my first visit to Petco Park, but there were new things that I hadn't tried, including clam chowder in a cup (from Anthony's, no less!), and a fried shrimp sandwich. Here are some shots from the fun day (despite the crappy outcome of the game):

The band behind the center-field batter's eye was playing Eagle Eye Cherry's "Save Tonight." Brandon League should have been paying attention.

Lots of Dodgers fans near our seats!

Uribe does the splits. Insert joke here.

Elian Herrera took time out to sign autographs, which was great. This probably came at the cost of fielding practice, however, which he ended up needing.

Hanley Ramirez came out to say hi, and plywood board man emerged from the depths.

Crowds are flocking.

Puig dwarfs Herrea during the national anthem.

Way up top, a Dodgers blanket!

Milton Bradley was in the crowd (I'm not entirely sure that was Bradley, however).

Red skies at night above center field.

A wine tasting spot on the park premises! Great idea!


Dusty Baker said...

Pounded at Petco: SoSG Sax

Dusty Baker said...

Wow, the rare Milton Bradley jersey. WHY?

Dusty Baker said...

"Royals Release George Sherrill"

Hideo Nomo said...

Breezy is in the wind.

Steve Sax said...

I smell another three-year deal from Ned