Wednesday, June 26, 2013

At-Game Photos: June 24 vs. Giants, Part 3

Photos and commentary by Scott Killeen. Thanks, Scott!

"The guy with the most stolen bases for the night!"

"The same chair Sarah Shahi's butt was on watching the game...just saying."

"WTH? Yep, someone brought their dog to the game and it wasn't 'Bark in the Park' night!"

" 'Dude, you got to get some ears...' "

"Required photo to take during any Dodger game..."

"Last night if you drove a Lexus into the stadium they gave you a free parking voucher."

"No the drinks were not free, dang it!"

"Second required photo of the night"

"Who knew it was 'Blimp Night' at the Ravine..."

"Bochy delivered the hot air during the close play at first base."

"Professional autograph seeker using a baseball the size of a basketball."