Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blue Heaven Interviews Puig Destroyer Drummer

Nice get by Ernest at Blue Heaven in interviewing Riley Breckenridge, the drummer for the hardcore band Puig Destroyer. A sample:

Q: Obviously, as a die-hard Dodger fan the idea of a Puig inspired band makes so much sense. I wonder, though how did this entire concept come together?

A: It's silly, really. The name "Puig Destroyer" came up, in passing, during a discussion of Puig on an episode of the weekly Productive Outs podcast that I do with my good friend Ian Miller. There's an awesome grindcore band called Pig Destroyer that we're both fans of, and I said something along the lines of "There should be a grindcore band called Puig Destroyer". Nine days after that utterance, we are that band. I sent Ian the drum track for "One Man, Five Tools" the next day, he wrote a bass line for it immediately, I enlisted my good friend (and Giants fan) Mike Minnick from Curl Up and Die to do vocals, and Ian pulled Jon Howell (his bandmate in Kowloon Walled City) to play guitar. We'll have an EP done fairly soon.

Q: I saw that you just released the first track of your EP and noticed the lyrics. It's so concise and direct. A line stuck out to me. It was "F*** the Walk". So, what do you have against a high on-base percentage?

A: We love OBP, that line is just a playful nod toward Puig's tendency to swing at almost everything. The guy almost never walks. It's uncanny.

Read the whole thing here:


ernest said...

Thanks for the plug. I really appreciate it.

Alex said...

10/10 would hardcore breakdown to