Saturday, June 08, 2013

A Great Tommy Davis Story

From Bill Dwyre's interview with Tommy Davis at the LA Times:

Story No. 3: "I led the league in batting in '62 and '63, then broke my ankle in '65. Doctors say it'll take two years to heal fully, but I get traded in one. The Mets give me a great chance in '67. I play 154 games and get to the last game and I'm hovering around .300. We're playing the Dodgers, Don Drysdale pitching, Johnny Roseboro catching — my longtime friends. It's the last inning, two out and 0-2 count on me. I say to Johnny, 'I think I'm right at .299. I need to hit over .300.' He says, 'What do you want and where do you want it?' I tell him, it arrives, I hit a double, finish the year batting .302, and because of that, play 10 more years in the league."


Dusty Baker said...

RIP Johnny Roseboro - you tha MAN.