Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Memorializing the 2012 SoSG Record: 24-18

With 2013 spring training around the corner, I suppose it's finally time to take the 2012 SoSG results and memorialize our record, in 2012 games attended, for all time.

Here's the scoop:

SoSG 2012 Record: 24-18
4/10 vs. PIT, W (2-1), Dusty, Orel, Sax
4/12 vs. PIT, W (3-2), Stubbs
4/14 vs. SD, W (6-1), Dusty, Nomo
4/23 vs. ATL, W (7-2), Orel
4/27 vs. WSH, W (3-2), Dusty, Stubbs
4/28 vs. WSH, W (4-3 (10)), Dusty, Orel, Sax
4/29 vs. WSH, W (2-0), Nomo
5/7 vs. SF, W (9-1), Dusty, Nomo
5/11 vs. COL, W (7-3), AC
5/12 vs. COL, W (2-1), Dusty
5/14 vs. ARI, W (3-1), Orel, Stubbs
5/15 vs. ARI, L (5-1), AC, Dusty, Nomo, Orel
5/18 vs. STL, W (6-5), AC
5/20 vs. STL, W (6-5), Dusty
5/25 vs. HOU, L (3-1), Sax
5/27 vs. HOU, W (5-1), DelinO
5/29 vs. MIL, L (2-1), DelinO, Dusty
5/31 vs. MIL, L (6-2), Stubbs
6/11 vs. ANA, L (3-2), Sax
6/13 vs. ANA, L (2-1), Nomo, Sax
6/16 vs. CWS, L (5-4), Dusty
6/24 @ ANA, L (5-3), Nomo
6/28 vs. NYM, L (3-2), Dusty
6/30 vs. NYM, L (5-0), DelinO, Dusty, Sax
7/1 vs. NYM, W (8-3), DelinO
7/3 vs. CIN, W (3-1), Dusty, Nomo
7/13 vs. SD, W (2-1), Dusty, Nomo, Stubbs
7/14 vs. SD, L (7-6), Dusty
7/18 vs. PHI, W (5-3 (12)), Nomo, Sax
7/29 @ SF, W (4-0), Sax
7/30 vs. ARI, L (7-2), Nomo, Stubbs
7/31 vs. ARI, L (8-2), Dusty
8/3 vs. CHC, W (6-1), Sax
8/4 vs. CHC, W (3-1), Orel
8/7 vs. COL, L (3-1), AC, DelinO, Dusty, Sax
8/21 vs. SF, L (4-1), Dusty
8/30 vs. AZ, L (2-0), AC, Dusty, Nomo, Orel
9/2 vs. AZ, W (5-4), Orel, Sax
9/13 vs. STL, L (2-1), Nomo
9/14 vs. STL, W (8-5), Dusty
9/16 vs. STL, L ((5-2 (12)), Sax, Stubbs
9/29 vs. COL, W (3-0), Nomo

Some thoughts on this year's overall record:

  • We broke out of the blocks with an amazing 11-0 start, sort of like how the Dodgers started their 2012 season, with a lot of fire.
  • After trading off some wins and losses, we then broke off an eight-game losing streak, with the wheels falling off the wagon...again, sort of like how the Dodgers continued their 2012 season, exploding in a fiery mass of destruction.
  • Amazingly, all but one of the Sons of Steve Garvey fared about even. Nomo went 7-6 and Stubbs went 4-3, so both of them ended a game above .500. Dusty (10-10) and Sax (6-6) were perfectly mediocre. And AC and DelinO each went 2-3, one game below .500. Orel was the lucky Son, going 6-2.
  • Just to point out once more, Dusty went to 20 Dodger games last year. Nice.
  • The Sons of Steve Garvey ended up going to 42 games last year in total, 40 of which were home games--so almost half of all Dodgers home games. Assuming this holds up next year, you've got an even chance at meeting a Son at a baseball game--which should either keep you from attending altogether, or should have you start commenting more on the gamethreads, so we can consider buying you a beer sometime.
  • The Sons went 1-1 on the road last year, which included this awesome 4-0, series-sweeping win against the hated Giants which also featured an appearance from one of our blog's good friends (and fanerman, as well).
  • The Sons' .571 winning percentage exceeded the Dodgers' .531 winning percentage (86-76); and the Sons' .575 home winning percentage exceeded the Dodgers' home winning percentage of .556 (45-36). With that in mind, let me remind you that the Sons are available to attend Dodger games for a fee (we also do barmitzvahs and weddings). Don't take the Sons to away games, however, where our .500 winning percentage was edged by the Dodgers' .506 percentage.

Earlier: SoSG's 2011 record; SoSG's 2010 record; SoSG's 2009 record; SoSG's 2008 record. Still looking for the 2007 record....


QuadSevens said...

It was a pretty good season for the Sons. I'll be expecting a 30 win season from you guys this year. You've got the highest payroll in Dodger blogger history too right?

Hideo Nomo said...

Only because of the Fabergé egg rider in Stubbs' contract.

Fred's Brim said...

I heard he will hatch it if we make the playoffs

Son of Stubbs!

Jason said...

Adding to the Son's Readers' record, I was at all three games in Seattle last season, a 2 - 1 record (with one no-hitter-by-how-many-pitchers? against, blerg).

Dusty Baker said...

Nice recap!

Looking forward to the coming season like nobody's business. I plan to be there A LOT.

Steve Sax said...

Jason, Dusty will be there for your 2013 Dodger games.

Count it.