Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3 개 국어에 야구 최초의 팀이 될 LA 다저스, 한국어 방송은 2014에 추가

You read that right (except your pronunciation, which is a little off)! As per the LA Times, the Dodgers will become MLB's first trilingual taem, adding a Korean broadcast in 2014:

The Dodgers plan to televise games in three languages when their new contract with Time Warner Cable takes effect next season, co-owner Todd Boehly said.

The Dodgers apparently would become the first Major League Baseball team with regular telecasts in three languages. League officials could not recall any team that has done so, MLB spokesman Pat Courtney said.

The Dodgers would air telecasts in English, Spanish and Korean as part of the TWC deal, Boehly said. Those telecasts would be limited to the Dodgers’ local television market, as MLB keeps the rights to international broadcasts.

Adds Yahoo Sports' Big League Stew:

The matter of language, though, is an interesting new wrinkle. One that makes perfect sense when you consider that Los Angeles has Koreatown, which L.A. Weekly recently called "America's Hippest Neighborhood" and the Dodgers just spent big to import Ryu Hyun-jin from South Korea.


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