Friday, February 08, 2013

MLB Fan Caveman Q&A: Jeremy Dorn

Earlier you met MLB Fan Cave candidate Thomas Roberts. Today we're delighted to bring you some hard-hitting answers from another candidate, Jeremy "Don't Call Me Roger" Dorn (@jamblinman):

SoSG: Tell us a story that best illustrates your love for the Dodgers.

Jeremy: Most recently, I made the last-minute decision to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles to go to the Dodgers Fan Fest. It's a long drive, but we got in late Friday night and rose early to get to the Stadium on Saturday. We waited in line for hours and still came up short for autographs, but I persisted and asked around and talked my way into meeting and recording a quick interview with none other than Dodger legend Tommy Lasorda that day!

Even though we spent a ton of time waiting in lines and we had just driven six hours straight to get to L.A., it was totally worth going to meet one of my personal Dodger heroes. I ended up driving about 12 hours in a 30 hour period, all to be immersed in that beautiful sea of blue for half a day.

SoSG: You mention your girlfriend is also a Fan Cave candidate. What is your contingency plan for when the Dodgers meet her team in the playoffs or World Series?

Jeremy: She is! Kelsey Shea Weinrich is a finalist for the Cardinals in this year's competition and we actually met in the Top 50 last year. We are so grateful for the Fan Cave for making our relationship a possibility, but things are going to get real if the Cardinals and Dodgers meet in the playoffs.

Last year was bad enough, considering they were competing for the final Wild Card spot down the stretch. To avoid confrontation, we watched in different rooms and tried to limit the discussion about the games when we were together. I expect something similar to happen this year since both teams will be good. Only this time, it will be the Dodgers making the playoffs and me getting the last laugh!

If we're in the Fan Cave when this happens, I'm calling dibs on the home run slide, so that I'm in position when Matt Kemp takes Jason Motte deep on a game-winner.

SoSG: You were born and raised in San Francisco. Was it difficult crossing over to the Light Side of the Force? Was it fun throwing Emperor Palpatine down that reactor shaft in Return of the Jedi?

Jeremy: It was very easy! My dad grew up as a huge Dodgers fan in L.A. and when I was born, he wasn't going to have his firstborn rooting for anyone else -- especially the Giants. I have a really unique perspective on the rivalry from my time living here, but it's so much fun to be in the middle of enemy territory during baseball season.

Even in these last few, wretched years, I enjoy the back and forth with Giants fans and going at it with all my friends. Plus, I feel like I'm holding down the fort for Dodger Nation's NorCal division. That's why I'm a great fit for the Fan Cave. Anyone can represent the Dodgers as a die hard fan, but not many can claim they've done so while buried deep in the heart of Giants country for 24 years.

As for your last question, well...when I left I was but the I am the master.

There you have it, voting public! Like what he had to say? Vote Jeremy Dorn into the 2013 MLB Fan Cave here!


Dusty Baker said...

"things are going to get real if the Cardinals and Dodgers meet in the playoffs."

Made me chuckle.

Betsy said...

Just want to say i've missed this blog! My first year of mommyhood kept me away, but no more! I've mastered the art of scrolling while holding the latest dodger blue fan. I love the 'in-depth' stories, they're the reason i vote every day for my fellow blue bleeders.

Orel said...

Congratulations and welcome back, Betsy! I'm sure carrying the baby around has strengthened your throwing arm too.

Dusty Baker said...

Congrats, Betsy! Glad to hear the Blue news!