Thursday, February 28, 2013

Practice Drills Pregame Day 2

Here are some pictures from pregame day 2.  We watched a lot of practice which for some would sound boring, but for us was pretty interesting.  There are some bleachers behind one of the fields and stone steps behind the other major practice field which gave you a nice vantage point.  It was neat seeing them run between the fields and the batting cages going through the various drills.  With such a big group, I can see why the need an air horn to signal the switching of stations and the need for so many coaches.

Matt Wallah directing traffic.

It is kinda windy out.

Juan Castro (?) and Mark Mcgwire

Honeycutt and Koufax watching Harang.

Cover home base drill.

Brandon League.

Chris Capuano was the last to leave the field and was going through some pitching motions by himself.  Kind of a zen like moment.

Franklin Stubbs.