Friday, February 22, 2013

Dodger Open House

I had the opportunity to goto the Dodger Open House last month to secure my mini plan. I know that this is a late post, but thought that I would share some pictures while also trying out this "blogger app" as these photos are forever stuck on my phone (my computer is so old, it won't let me update iTunes).

There were a whole bunch of people there and we stood on line for about an hour. After getting our tickets, we secured a free Dodger dog and sat in the Stadium Club overlooking the construction. Man, are they ever gutting that place. I'm really excited for the new look though, I just hope it is ready for opening day. Anyhow, it was nice to enjoy a Dodger Dog before the start of the season! Go Blue!


Alex Cora said...

Anyone know how to fix these pictures so that they got from the blogger app?

Franklin Stubbs said...

There's a Blogger app?

(So, apparently not I)

Alex Cora said...

Hey I guess the pictures got fixed. Yeah Stubbs, there's an app for that. Corporate just let me know about it. I think it was their way of kindly hinting that I need to post more. That and I need to finish more of my TPS sheets.