Sunday, February 24, 2013

Camelback Contact

I've had a great time out here at Camelback Ranch and after Mrs Cora gave the go, I called to purchase my tickets in advance.  One of the stipulations the wife had was that we had to sit in the shade because neither she, nor I, do well in the heat.

When I called, I was fortunate to talk with Caitlin Higgins, Account Executive at Camelback Ranch.  She helped secure the tickets and sat us in various (shaded) parts of the stadium in order to take in the whole spring training experience.  She even visited us today to see how we are doing.  So if you are coming out to Camelback Ranch, give her a call and I'm sure that she will help you out.  Don't forget to mention SoSG sent you!

Caitlin Higgins
Account Executive Camelback Ranch
623 302-5008