Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stalking Sandy

Sandy Koufax was at Camelback Ranch and there is this neat little area between the two major practice fields that have about five pitching mounds in a row.  And of course the lefty specialist was there imparting his wisdom to pitchers young (Jansen and Kershaw) and old (Lilly).  So I took a lot of pictures.  I MEAN A LOT.  So many that if the police break down my door (again) and go through this computer, the amount of Sandy Koufax pictures would raise some serious suspicion.  If I printed them all out, placed them on the wall with some candles under them, it would be straight out of a bad movie.  So, here are some of the many Koufax pictures.

These are through a chain linked fence.

Is he pointing at me?  "Kenley, see that guy taking my picture.  Call the cops now."

I like this one of them watching Kershaw.

I also thought this one came out nicely.

Lets try out the zoom.

We were testing out the continuous photo feature on the camera.  If you scroll down fast, it looks like a silent movie.


Steve Sax said...

Police are on their way to the Cora household

Orel said...

What kind of camera did you use?

Alex Cora said...

Orel. Nikon j1, canon rebel, and a canon powershot sx 210 which took the majority of the close up shots. I really like the sx 210.