Thursday, March 01, 2012

Archiving The SoSG 2011 Record For Posterity

It was a difficult year, that 2011 Dodgers season. But I suppose since we're four short days away from the first spring training game, and just over a month from our first regular season game, that it's time we retire the SoSG 2011 record.

Going 10-7 (.588) in a season when the Dodgers went 82-79 (.509) overall and 42-39(.519) at home is a pretty impressive feat. Plus, we went 1-0 on the road in St. Louis, a comeback victory that defied logic and was truly magnificent to watch.

So without further ado, here's the Sons' tally from 2011:

SoSG 2011 Record: 10-7
4/2: L, 0-10 (Delino)
4/3: W, 7-5 (Sax)
4/10: W, 6-1 (Sax)
5/3: L, 1-4 (Sax)
5/16: L, 1-2 (AC, Sax)
5/17: W, 3-0 (AC, Sax)
6/1: L, 0-3 (Delino)
6/18: L, 0-7 (AC)
7/5: L, 0-6 (Delino, Sax)
7/7: W, 6-0 (AC, Sax)
7/24: W, 3-1 (Sax)
8/12: W, 1-0 (Sax)
8/22: W, 2-1 (AC, Sax) [Road!]
8/28: L, 6-7 (Orel, Sax)
8/29: W, 4-1 (Sax)
8/30: W, 8-5 (Orel, Sax)
9/16: W, 7-2 (Delino, Sax)

Record by Son:
Delino: 1-3 (.250)
Orel: 1-1 (.500)
Alex Cora: 3-2 (.600)
Sax: 10-4 (.714)

I am clearly the big winner. The Dodgers should invite me to every game; with a .714 winning percentage, we would have run away with the championship last year.

Earlier: SoSG's 2010 record; SoSG's 2009 record. SoSG Nomo found SoSG's 2008 record as well. (I can't find the 2007 record right now...)


Fred's Brim said...

@Sax are you counting the 8/12 game because you left early and that's what allowed the winning (and only) run to score?

Maybe you should retroactively give that win to Franklin Stubbs

Neeebs (The Original) said...


That's what was missing at the softball tournament. Your presence.

Steve Sax said...

If I had come to the softball tourney, my position would have been Left Out

Steve Sax said...

@FB: bruuuuuuutal!

That was a fun game at which to hang out, though. How's the other half?

Jason said...

Archiving my personal 2011 Dodgers season:

6/4: W, 11-8
6/5: W, 9-6
9/5: L, 2-7 (got drunk with TGJr post-game)
9/6: W, 7-3
9/12: L, 2-7 [Home, post-SoSG-Fest!]

Final tally: 3-2. I'm the AC of SoSG readers.

Fred's Brim said...

@Sax Haha sorry man. You made the right decision though - babysitters trump Astros.

That was definitely fun. I hope I can get out there again this summer.

And the other (better) half is now a fiance! We'll make honest people out of each other in April

Jason said...

I just checked the stats for games I attended and Matt Kemp had this ridiculous, cumulative line:

9-20 4 HR 11 RBI

That equates to a full season line of:

.450 AVG 130 HR 356 RBI

As a counterbalance, I also witnessed the final MLB appearance of Juan Castro (6/4, 1-1. 1 R) and the 31st consecutive, hitless at-bat for Eugeni0 Velez (9/6, 0-1).

I just missed the debut of Dee Gordon (6/6).

Jason said...


Congrats on the pending legitimacy!

Hideo Nomo said...

2008 record.

Still looking for '07.

Fred's Brim said...

Thanks, Jason!

Pride of Dong said...

14-4 for the year. How did the guy from Fresno go to more than the local crew?

rbnlaw said...

Too bad Kemp's extrapolated numbers in games Jason attended still wouldn't be enough to wrest the MVP from Braun's PED enhanced (allegedly) hands.

More Sons = More Victories!! Remember, I'm there on Vin and Lasorda/Alston Bobbleyheaded nights.

Mark thy calendar.

Dusty Baker said...

I was 5-9 through early August, but my trusty spreadsheet had the rest of the season erased, regrettably. I probably went to ~6-8 more games that aren't accounted for. But, taking what is accounted for, it would be the first time I've ever had a losing record. Has nothing to do with the play on the field, of course, right?

Steve Sax said...

Dusty, but now that you're a Son, you can keep track of your record on the blog!

Dusty Baker said...


Yep - look forward to increasing the SOSG win quotient!