Friday, February 15, 2013

Piazza Digging Deeper Hole

UPDATE: Click here for video due to autoplay.

Via Steve Dilbeck at the LA Times comes video of the interview in which Mike Piazza claims Vin Scully was unhappy with him. Let the evidence show Piazza is an asswipe. Who knew Paul Lo Duca would be the Dodger-turned-Met catcher back in the fold at Dodger Stadium?


Pistol Pete Reiser said...

I pre-ordered the Piazza book about two weeks ago, and only just started reading it two or three nights ago. I want to give the matter the benefit of the doubt until I've read it in its entirety.

That interview was entirely benign. So, it would certainly be a shame to be forced to consider Mike as an asshole.

Dusty Baker said...

Come on, PPR, feel the hate, brother!

Fred's Brim said...

I can't believe Vin asked about his knees and that Piazza didn't just deck him then and there! HOW RUDE!