Friday, February 22, 2013

2012 Road Trip At-Game Recap: Bumping Around In Buffalo (August 12, 2012)

It's been a while since we've posted long-form content, and I'm at least partially to blame. Something about the second half of the 2012 season just left such a bitter taste that I honestly just couldn't get back to writing. And it's a pity, because arguably that was the time that Dodger fans most needed an outlet to cheer and boo and raise a hullabaloo. Or at least another glass of scotch.

Getting crushed at work didn't help much, either.

But hey, it's the spring, time for rebirth and renewal. And as I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning, I realized that I never finished this photo post which documented another one of my baseball roadtrips last year. This time, I caught the Buffalo Bisons as they hosted the Pawtucket Red Sox, back on August 12, 2012.

The Bisons were the triple-A affiliate of the Mets, before leaving that trainwreck to become the triple-A affiliate of the Blue Jays this year. The Bisons didn't have a good year in 2012, finishing 16.5 games out under the hand of manager Wally Bachman. But they did win this game 9-3, which can be attributed to my inspirational attendance at the game.

I have been by Buffalo's baseball stadium about two dozen times (don't ask), and it's always striking; there isn't much else in Buffalo anyway, and it casts a big shadow off the Niagara Thruway (I-190). This was the first time the stars aligned for me to attend a game, however, and I was pretty stoked for the opportunity (it was either this or another evening at the Anchor Bar). So I fended off the sprinkles and bought one solo ticket to the game.

My ticket to the game: $11.50, day of game.

The electronic marquee outside the stadium, which was roughly the size of my living room television.

Entering on Swan Street.

Empty concourses. And I mean empty.

So empty, in fact, that they can put sandwichboard signs right in the middle of the aisles that don't say "piso mojado".

The sign-up table for Buster's Kids Club. I tried to sign up SoSG Dusty Baker, but he was already on their "do not call" list.

My seats. Great view, right underneath the awning (a point which became critical as rain started to fall later).

Not exactly a packed house.

My dinner, a beef on weck sandwich (which was horrible).  Thank god for the beer, already safely placed in the cupholder to my right.

More mascots.  Very creepy.

Not exactly DiamondVision, but Matt Den Dekker was still probably pretty stoked to have his huge mug up there.

Ballpark starts to fill a little bit. Note the between-innings hokey games being played by fans. I love it!

Streaks of sunlight on the field.

Watching a baseball game between two minor league teams about which you don't really care is hilariously sedate, and only recommended with quick access to beer. It gives one a chance to just soak it all in and appreciate all that baseball has to offer on a pleasant outdoor evening. I loved hearing the Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic" snippet when the ball dropped in left center for a leadoff double in the bottom of the second. I enjoyed sipping my beers in peace and quiet. I caught up on a couple of emails. And I reazlied how incredibly homogenous the crowd was (which was a little bit frightening).

Guy with conehead selling beer. I'm sure this was hip back in the late 1970s.

Conehead guy, coming closer. Stand very still, very...still...

A whole new Blue!  (Labatt's #2 of the evening.)

The beer man-turned-sidekick. Can't anyone just sell me a beer without a creepy costume?!

Not exactly where I would want to spend my 51st birthday, but if it works for John Bernard, that's cool. Everyone at third base, excluding Juan Uribe, celebrated.

Another shot of creepy female mascot.

Guess who that is? Mark Prior, former USC and Chicago Cubs phenom! How...sad! (Prior came on in the fourth inning.)

At this point it was time to walk around the stadium and do a tour, if nothing else but to go to that bar porch in right field (which was cool, but swarmed by bees).

Heading over to right field.

The scene from the right field porch. Not coming back for swimsuit night.

An abandoned portable beer stand with that pour-from-the-bottom-of-the-cup technology! So Buffalo's got that.

Upon leaving, a horde of angry hungry folks at the Sweet Spot. I chose to run rather than risk being covered in hot fudge sauce and eaten.

In conclusion: cold evening, tepid sandwich, creepy mascots, multiple beers, no bee stings, and all in all, a good time with the Buffalo Bisons. I'm looking forward to my 2013 roadtrips. And more long-form content contributions, as well.


Dusty Baker said...

Blacklisted again?? DAMMIT!

Dusty Baker said...

That is one creepy mascot girl. What does it have to do with the team? Or did they just find a giant mascot head at Goodwill and say "Hey, that's our new mascot!"?

Franklin Stubbs said...

Pay no attention to the rumors, a solid majority of Sons are strictly hetero. Not a filibuster-proof majority, mind you, but a majority nonetheless.

Dusty Baker said...

Nomo bats from both sides of the plate.

And that's ok.

Cliff Beefpile said...

I'm not naming any names, but I did get felt up at last year's SOSG fest. I was lured in with, "Hey, wanna see my bobblehead?"

Dusty Baker said...


Sorry about that. I won't bring Mrs. Dusty next time.