Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Molly Knight, Spinner

God bless Molly Knight. Not only can she spin a yarn, but her focus on Los Angeles sports also allowed her to describe what Dodgers Javy Guerra and Luis Cruz are spinning, as well:

Javy Guerra
Pitcher, Dodgers
"Son de la Negra," Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitl�n
As told to Molly Knight

My parents are Mexican, and our fan base is pretty heavily populated with Hispanics, so it is really cool to run out to something and have everyone just be really loud. The first time I ran out to "Son de la Negra," I stepped on the mound and looked up at the Jumbotron and saw a whole bunch of fans dancing around in sombreros. And I thought, Wow. Damn. This is fun.

Everyone has embraced my song, and I get so much love from the fans for it. They're just really proud. They tell me they can't believe I used it and how they're really proud I've honored my heritage.

I don't want to change my song, because everyone embraces it, but I might because I have a different role this year. Now that I am no longer the closer and I won't be coming into the game in the ninth inning, I feel like I can mix it up a little bit. I really like Mumford & Sons right now -- their energy is awesome. I love their loudness and their aliveness. It's unreal.

Luis Cruz
Third base, Dodgers
Various Latin songs
As told to Molly Knight

I'm a Mexican guy, and my music helps me remember home. When I'm in the clubhouse or on the way to the ballpark, singing helps me forget. I like a lot of U.S. music, but it's important to me to play music from my culture when I'm playing. I asked all my fans on Twitter what I should choose, and they picked my song for me. Honestly, I think they're more into me because my music makes them feel like I'm one of them. They always try to hug me, and they tell me it makes them remember home.

A lot of fans here are from my area in Sonora, Mexico, too, so it's special. I choose music from there, and it feels good to have that connection. And all of the fans seem to like the Latin music even if they don't know what they're singing.

David Ortiz, Michael Young, and Yoenis Cespedes are also mentioned in the piece. But it's the Dodgers' coverage which is the best!