Sunday, February 24, 2013

At-Game Recap: Preseason Game 2 Dodgers vs White Sox

Arizona is supposed to be hot right?  Well the wind kicked up today and dropped the temperature down to 45 degrees in the morning.  It seems like the players got the memo and got out to the practice fields early to stretch.  It also meant most of the team ran right by the autograph seekers to avoid the cold and wind.  Nonetheless it was neat to see the team close up running through their drills.  Also, got to see Sandy Koufax tutor some of the lefties on the practice pitching mounds.

The weather seemed to cool off the bats of both teams.  It might have also been that fact that Greinke was dealing and Ryu, besides that triple he gave up, was sharp.  I've never seen either pitch before, so it was a real treat to see a preview of the pitching goodness to come this year.  Puig started, but didn't look so hot and seemed to give up on his second at bat.  However, that kid sure looks like Bo Jackson at the plate.  I was also able to walk around during the late innings and watched Matt Palmer in the bullpen throwing to Matt Wallach and just loved hearing the ball crisply smack the catcher's mitt.

One more game tomorrow against the Cubs, then vacation is over.  Until next time, Go Blue!