Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Training Game 2: Greinke and Ryu

It was pretty windy and cold on our second day of spring training.  But we were excited because Greinke and Ryu were on the docket to pitch.  Like I said in the game thread, there was just something about the ball hitting the catcher's mitt that sounds so crisp out of these top flight pitchers - and these two didn't disappoint.

Dodgers building overlooking the stadium in left field.

Adrian Gonzalez got the start.
Zack Greinke dealing.

Greinke with the follow through.

Andre Ethier about to hit a triple.

Andre Ethier at the point of contact.

Tim Wallach walking back to the dugout.

Andre's follow through.

Yasiel Puig up to bat.

Here comes the ball, Yasiel.

Puig's follow through

Hyun-Jin Ryu on the hill.

Hey those fielding drills actually help!

One inning and he's done.

Tony Gwynn Jr.  Does he have the same batting stance as the great Eddie Murray?

Its cold.


Steve Sax said...

Eddie Murray reference!