Thursday, September 01, 2011

Tim Brown Calls Matt Kemp "The Anti-Establishment MVP Candidate"

It's good to get all types of media on the Matt Kemp for MVP bandwagon. The kind of season he's having has been so remarkable, it would be a pity if the McCourt circus caused the press to miss out on Kemp's remarkable season. Well, Yahoo! Sports' Tim Brown hasn't missed a beat on Kemp:

This is what happens when a 26-year-old, toolsy, strong safety-sized center fielder reaches his spiritual, physical and emotional prime on the same winter day: .321 batting average, 31 home runs, 101 RBIs, .969 OPS, 35 stolen bases and solid – sometimes breathtaking – defense.

September calls, and he remains Triple Crown feasible, first-to-third hell-bent, and standings blind.

In a season in which the organization has collapsed around him, in which the city has lost hope, in which the nine batters to have hit behind him are James Loney, Marcus Thames, Juan Uribe, Jerry Sands, Jay Gibbons, Rod Barajas, Casey Blake, Juan Rivera, and, in nine games, Aaron Miles, isn’t there – I don’t know – value in that?

In a National League field where more than a dozen players will draw votes, and maybe half possess the more traditional – big statistics, contending team – claim to Most Valuable Player attention, Kemp is the season’s anti-establishment candidate.

photo: US Presswire