Saturday, September 10, 2011

SoSG Fantasy Football 2011 Season 2 Begins!

Get ready for another great year of baseball off-season inanity, brought to you by the Commish, SoSG regular Mr. LA Sports Czar. Take it away, MLASC:

SoSG Fantasy Football 2011 - Week One Preview

Football's back, bishes!

After an interminably long lockout, the only game scrapped was the annual Hall of Fame preseason game. Now that the preseason is complete and the regular season is upon us, let's look at the three divisions of the Sons of Steve Garvey Fantasy Football League:


  • Knights of Sammy Knight - Mr. LA Sports Czar
  • Mainstream Sheeple People - Spanky
  • Heorot Halas - Mr. Customer
  • Perpetual Disappointment - Josh S.
  • Spanky's Castoffs - Prof. Dittmore (reigning champ)
  • TnA Deflators - Meaniebreanie


  • Sons of Merlin Olsen - rbnlaw
  • Neeebs' Mom - Jason
  • Pasadena Stat Lickerz - Dusty Baker
  • Sergio Mendes Brasil - Paul
  • Quads of Chad Billingsley - QuadSevens
  • Garden Gnomes - Wicks


  • good grief peanuts - Karina
  • Fernie's Boat's N Hoe's - Fernie V
  • Lockout with Your C*ck Out - NicJ
  • LA Dodgers of Los Angeles - Loney Fan
  • Junkyard Dogs - Steve K
  • Ely, Sands, Dee *sigh* Mania - Central Valley Fan

The first week's match-ups are as follows:

  • MLASC vs. Spank
  • Mr. C vs. MB
  • Josh vs. PDitty
  • Karina vs. FV
  • Nic vs. CVF
  • LF vs. Steve K
  • rbn vs. Jason
  • DB vs. Wicks
  • Paul vs. Q7

So have at it, fantasy aficionados! Push that ball! Move those chains! Kick that field goal! Text that dong! And remember, a shiny new donkey for whoever brings me the head of Colonel Montoya-er, I mean, a fabulous prize* for whoever wins the championship!

*Disclaimer - Prize may not be fabulous

Have a good Sunday, party people! We will set up a separate trash talk thread for Sunday morning.


Kyle Baker said...

Took me a second on "text that dong".

Kyle Baker said...

For the record, my team is putrid. I might not win a game.

Nostradamus said...


it's best to take your time to compose for a wide-angle shot.

Cliff Beefpile said...

A tip of the hat to the RBN's team name, Sons of Merlin Olsen. Strong work.

spank said...