Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SoSG As Dodgers Media: The Experience, In Photos (Part 1)

Back on August 29, I was lucky enough to occupy the Blog Spot covering the Dodgers-Padres game as Dodgers media (the Dodgers won, 4-1). In the news of Josh Rawitch's departure to the Diamondbacks at season's end, the opportunity to cover a game from the Vin Scully Press box has become all that more cherished; I'm not sure if future PR administrations will continue to invest in blogger relations like Rawitch did.

But before I forget all the memories, here are some of the photos of the experience:

The media entrance, up on the top deck. They make the journalists park in the hinterlands, which is probably why so many journalists are in such great shape.

Batting practice, in the early afternoon stages.

Nancy Bea Hefley and her organ sit at the far end of the press box, up the first base line. Here's the legendary organist's spot before she arrived.

Dodgers doing calisthenics up the third base line.

The obligatory Sons of Steve Garvey from the "Vin Scully Press Box" shot. At this stage, someone else was occupying my blog spot, but I didn't have the heart to kick that guy out. Just yet, that is.

The next thing I did was get down into the dugout, as Mattingly had started his pre-game media session already. Amy Summers of the Dodgers' PR was kind enough to escort me down into the clubhouse through the tunnels.

Walking down into the dugout, the walls are adorned with inspiring shots of the Dodgers' heritage.

Here's Mattingly, with Josh Suchon on his left (looking a bit like a nightclub bodyguard, I might add), and that's Dylan Hernandez on his right.

Not that this is the Ken Levine Fan Club or anything, but that's Levine in front in the striped shirt. KEN LEVINE!

Levine turns away (cries).

There were a couple of groups and parties down on the field pre-game; sponsors, and people who had won contests, and stuff. Here's Justin Sellers, interfacing with a young kid.

All of these field-access VIPs were taking pictures from outside the dugout. But I was IN THE DUGOUT! Yeeeeeaaaaaaah!

This was ESPN.com's Ramona Shelburne, chatting up Justin Sellers' father, Jeff (also a big-league player). I didn't want to interrupt Shelburne but I did get a wonderful conversation with Jeff Sellers later; he was really nice.

J.A. Adande was hosting a USC Journalism School group and he got Tony Gwynn Jr. to come over and shoot the bull.

More Gwynn and Adande.

The Owners' Box, empty. How fitting.

Steve Lyons brought his father along to the game. Here he is thanking Amy Summers for helping set him up with seats.

"Thanks, Amy!"

I saw Ken Gurnick (in red) walk over and talk to these sartorially excessive dudes. Turns out they were from CAA, and I think one of the guys might have been Andre Ethier's agent and/or James Loney's agent (plus some well-dressed CAA underlings), since both Ethier and Loney came over to talk with the Zegna-shirted crew. I didn't hear much of the conversation but I imagine they were discussing the merits of french cuffs and brass collar stays.

"I don't know, man," said Loney, "french-cuffed shirts are hard to pack in a Ghurka carryon."

0-for-30 smells something like this.

Loads of empty seats! Just kidding, this was before the game. Actually, I thought it was funny how all of the stadium staff was just hanging out pre-game in the shade.

Ethier comes over to debate two- or three-button suits.

"I think I need at least three opinions on my knee, don't you?"

The Padres' Glenn Hoffman, infamous holder-of-Dodgers-runners-at-third0base (while a Dodgers 3B coach, under Jim Tracy), talks with Jeff Sellers. SEND HIM, HOFFY!

Dave Roberts (standing with mlb.com's Ken Gurnick), always a great guy to see. I know his career highlights were with the Red Sox, but I always liked him and rooted for him while he was a Dodger. I got the chance to meet him for a second and he was very polite.

"Dave, let me show you my C-3PO impression."

I'm not going to clog up more of your RAM, so I'll publish Part 2 with more photos from the August 29, 2011 game later.


MeanieBreanie said...

Great pics!

spank said...

I'd like to thank Amy Summers for wearing tight pants.


Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

Thanks for sharing! Many of us only dream of having that kind of experience. It feels like were right there with you man.

The next PR peep had better realize what a treasure the dodgers blogging community is.

Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

Forgot the most important quetion, did you get to meet Chef Dave?

Kyle Baker said...

What's wrong with brass collar stays?

Or French cuffs?