Thursday, August 11, 2011

Uribe Progressing Slower Than Expected (On DL, That Is)

Both of the Dodger fans clamoring for a .204/.264/.293 batter to get back in the lineup will be disappointed to hear that Juan Uribe ain't coming off the DL anytime soon.

LOS ANGELES -- Initially, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly hoped to have infielder Juan Uribe back in the lineup as soon as his 15-day stint on the disabled list with a left hip injury ended.

Mattingly didn't sound so optimistic at the prospect before Wednesday's game. Uribe was placed on the DL on July 24.

"It doesn't sound like it from yesterday talking with [trainer] Stan [Conte]," Mattingly said. "It felt like he hadn't really moved forward. I know Stan's not really trying to push him."

No wonder Conte isn't pushing Uribe! Uribe is almost the size of Jonathan Broxton, for pete's sake!

Uribe also spent time on the disabled list at the end of May with an injury in the same area. He has struggled to find a rhythm at the plate this season, after he signed a three-year deal with Los Angeles in the offseason, hitting just .204 with four homers.

Mattingly said the slow progress isn't at all the product of Uribe's desire to return to the field.

"The guy wants to be out there," he said.

What a train wreck. (And by the way, even James Loney has better numbers: .252/.296/.328.)